Our Why


“Health care staff often neglect their own needs due to the high demands of their job” – sound like you?

The NHS employs one and a half million people at its last count, more than 83% of those staff being on the front line – medical staff, diagnostic staff, nurses, care assistants and many others. These are our national heroes. 

The NHS loses 16 million sick days every single year and this comes at a monumental cost of £1.1 billion to our already struggling service. Exposed to infection, stress and incredible challenges every single day, perhaps this is a problem many feel inevitable. 

We have NOT started Healthy Hero to save the NHS money, but rather to help health care staff improve their own health and well-being.

We all work for an organisation that faces immense challenges every day; we accept that, and we keep calm and carry on. But the impacts on these hardworking people can’t be ignored, so we are developing an initiative to start tackling this problem.

We surveyed over 500 NHS front line staff including nurses, doctors and care assistants to find out how their job impacts on their own health

said that they consume less than 1 litre of water during a shift (12 hours or longer)

said that they get LESS than six hours sleep per night

said that after being involved in a major incident such as a cardiac arrest, either they didn’t feel supported afterwards at all (36%) or that they were only offered minimal support which they felt was inadequate (14%)

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Thank you,

Jamie Walmsley

Founder & Paediatric Nurse